Assuming you and I live in the same space, you’ve had those days when you debated whether you want to spend an extra 60 bob on Chips masala (Masala Chips according to some weirdos) instead of plain fries. Do not spend, carry your fries home, I’m about to sort you. If you are also... Continue Reading →


  Every Bachelor’s dream is to wake up to easy to make breakfast. Well, lazy pancakes are my favourite because; I’ll be done in about 30. Is it just me or pancakes taste better in the evening with tea. You can make enough for breakfast and snacking later on. INGREDIENTS Wheat Flour (Multi purpose/ Self... Continue Reading →


My friend Millie believes that a meal of Ugali and Sukuma wiki is the ultimate mark of being broke. I think she is just a diva. My love for vegetables is dangerous, if you do not like me, you can easily poison me using cabbages. So I know you are also thinking Sukuma Wiki is... Continue Reading →

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