Personally, I feel Nyash is the only artist in Africa who has a right to release a diss track because that ninja is gifted. I love his AMINIA because he tells other artists everything I've always wanted to tell them only that I am not a celebrity and it will never get to them. Thank... Continue Reading →



I have very strong opinions about certain issues so I take time to actually try and express it in the least offensive way. The #JohoChallenge is one thing I never participated in because I just found it childish and not one bit amusing. I just did not understand how, of all the obnoxious issues we... Continue Reading →


Assuming you and I live in the same space, you’ve had those days when you debated whether you want to spend an extra 60 bob on Chips masala instead of plain fries. Do not spend, carry your fries home, I’m about to sort you. If you are also heading home late, need to grab fries... Continue Reading →


Every Bachelor’s dream is to wake up to easy to make breakfast. Well, lazy pancakes are my favourite because; I’ll be done in about 30. Is it just me or pancakes taste better in the evening with tea. You can make enough for breakfast and snacking later on. INGREDIENTS Wheat Flour (Multi purpose/ Self Raising)... Continue Reading →


I am one of those people who struggle eating bread, so the best way is to play around with it. Sandwiches are my favourite bread game. This could just be the simplest recipe that could have ever existed. It is great for breakfast, snacking and for bachelors, it could stand in for a meal. INGREDIENTS... Continue Reading →


There is nothing as beautiful as being a bachelor.  Every meal better be a quickie. This is a dedication to all my bachelors out there who come home late and just need a quick meal. I heart you. (Hahaha) INGREDIENTS 2 Whisked Eggs 1 chopped onion 1 chopped tomato 3 choped chili cloves 1 chopped... Continue Reading →


My friend Millie believes that a meal of Ugali and Sukuma wiki is the ultimate mark of being broke. I think she is just a diva. My love for vegetables is dangerous, if you do not like me, you can easily poison me using cabbages. So I know you are also thinking Sukuma Wiki is... Continue Reading →


My parents taught me well, I did bad on my own. I dread being a parent because I do not know if I will manage half the things my parents have done for me. One thing I would love to do different though is to demystify sex for my kids as early as possible. My... Continue Reading →


I do not like bragging how I hold the record for world’s greatest Pojo cook (hahaha.) The English name for it is Green Grams and we the normal humans call in Ndengu ; of course it’s the Swahili who decided to call it Pojo. Here is the secret, do not buy the broken grains, just... Continue Reading →

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