Kenyan Coast Trips; Guide and Cost.

PRO TIP: You spend way less money if you buy food than if you cook when travelling. Saves you time and energy too. This piece is long overdue. Here are some of the trips I have made to the Kenyan Coast and a rough estimate of how much it would cost you. The COST forContinue reading “Kenyan Coast Trips; Guide and Cost.”

Celebrity? Please Introduce Yourself

The arts in Kenya, maybe Africa, is not an easy industry. Save for our education system and socialization constantly demeaning the arts, even those who have broken through and are in the better part of this space will tell you it is still a hustle. So I have quietly and carefully observed the #PlayKeMusic debateContinue reading “Celebrity? Please Introduce Yourself”


  I am one of those people who struggle eating bread, so the best way is to play around with it. Sandwiches are my favourite bread game. This could just be the simplest recipe that could have ever existed. It is great for breakfast, snacking and for bachelors, it could stand in for a meal.Continue reading “QUICK FIX: SANDWICH TOAST”


There is nothing as beautiful as being a bachelor.  Every meal better be a quickie. This is a dedication to all my bachelors out there who come home late and just need a quick meal. I heart you. (Hahaha) INGREDIENTS 2 Whisked Eggs 1 chopped onion 1 chopped tomato 3 choped chili cloves 1 choppedContinue reading “SCRAMBLED EGGS”