Man Can be an Island – The Lockdown

Having so much to do and not being able to take an evening walk or go swimming is not how I imagined my death would look like. Enough about me, I think it is time to check on our extroverted friends, they must be dead by now. LoL!

A Good Day to Be 26

I literally got to a point I did not know how to respond to a complement or a positive comment because I had no idea what they were referring to and so I made a joke off everything and it has become the strongest coping mechanism I have ever adopted.


Anyone in their 20s trying to make life happen right now knows how difficult it is to save up some little money. There is pressure and you are never too sure how to invest, where to invest and how to manage an investment.


We always wondered why our mothers were so extra with everything. We just never understood why we had to do some things her way. Well save for the fact that you live under her roof so you live by her rules. Did you ever tell yourself at some point that you'll do things different from... Continue Reading →


DIY is the new way of doing everything now, well mostly coz you need to ease some stress on that wallet. Why hire when you can Do It Yourself?  Interiors are now easy to design and guess what; you won’t need a renovation to make your house suit your style (Honestly depends on how bad... Continue Reading →

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