You Need The Money, Don’t Play Hard To Get

We want to publish our stories alongside good photos of you. Do both us that favour.  Please just pick a day, dress well and walk into a photo studio. I can recommend affordable good ones. 

Movies You Should Have Watched By Now! (Shame…)

I also just have to put it out there that I am not a fan and never watched Game of Thrones and even worse Black Panther. I also struggle with these super hero comic ones. Please forgive a village girl abeg. 


The taste was 'interesting',not as sweet as it's colour but neither was it plain like it's intention. It was refreshing, like the first smell of earth when the rain first hits the ground. They say, it's the thought that counts...


Music is the bane of my existence. Been accused a couple of times though  that I don't know much about it. I do plead guilty but one thing I do well know is, my taste...and it's not shabby. That said; I have my favourites right about now. You might not have heard them at the... Continue Reading →


I tell people I listen to anything and everything and they just look at me like I'm nuts. Well, I am but that's besides the point. Just thought I'd give you some of my favourite Kenyan gospel hits. Any other music for me passes by achieving one of musicality, lyrics or execution. Gospel on the... Continue Reading →


    A time like this last year I was full time #TeamAliKiba as he was one of the nominees for Best African Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards (MTVEMA). The undeniably talented Wiz Kid bagged that one but I was all the same happy for him coz this is Africa, we always got each... Continue Reading →


Personally, I feel Nyash is the only artist in Africa who has a right to release a diss track because that ninja is gifted. I love his AMINIA because he tells other artists everything I've always wanted to tell them only that I am not a celebrity and it will never get to them. Thank... Continue Reading →

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