A Melanin Inspired Lifestyle Blog for the twenty something year old. Not that you have to be black…Just that every story is stitched from African Fabric. We talk about it all, Music, Fashion, Food and Politics. Feel at home at Nyeusi and indulge in a Coloured Lifestyle.


We explore some of the simple delicacies that you can whoop up in a matter of minutes. Delicious, Nutritious and Easy to make. Prep your taste buds, it’s about to get fed.

Fashion & Lifestyle

What’s hot and what’s not in your home and your closet too. Pick out new ideas you’d want to try and also advice on middle class/ millennial hacks.

Music & Entertainment

Our artists and celebrities are up to something every day and you can keep up with them here at Nyeusi. Movies Hits Songs you name it.


The politics of everything all goes down here. We are all allowed to have our views on Politics, Family, Societal Morals…basically a stand based on perspective.

RealRadio 254

Listen in and engage Orawo Olave on some of the topical discussions she airs out on the podcast. If it made news, it is definitely worth talking about.


Orawo Olave feeds your musical side too. She does covers and mashups and feel free to make a request on the comments section.

It’s a Coloured Lifestyle.







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