A Melanin Inspired Lifestyle Blog for the urban young-adult African. Not that you have to be African…Just that if you are, you’ll relate better. We talk about it all, Entertainment, Fashion, Lifestyle, Politics and definitely Food. Feel most comfortable at Nyeusi, a home built simply from the perspective of a girl Born Bred Black


MEET Orawo Olave

20347121_1918416958398046_670231489081769984_nFounder: Nyeusi

A Media Content Creator with special experience in Digital Content Management and Marketing. Olave can’t recall how far back it was that she began to write. The most vivid memory was that of her attracting favours in high school for composing creative poetry for her friends who needed to send love letters to their boyfriends in other schools. Words came easy to her and so did ideas to make concepts tangible. Fast forward she has since worked in over five different occupation spheres as a content specialist managing digital spaces and creating relevant text, audio and visual content for those spaces. It is easy to practice a hobby, but at some point you might want to share your effortless gifts with the rest of the world and still pay bills while at it. The upbeat lifestyle updates on Nyeusi is not Olave’s intial signature. She was first a poet and a creative writer; with guidance picked up in training through school and work experience she merged talent and skill to bring us what we now enjoy. A serene place where we can all share, learn and appreciate our African experiences.






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