The Dam Redhill Resort: Ziplining, Horse Riding…Solo Date.

The Dam Redhill Resort is located in Limuru on Nairobi – Limuru Highway. Did you know, the first zipline in Kenya was the one at The Dam Red Hill in 2016?

How do I get to Redhill? (One Way Rates)

Koja Stage. This is the exact place to board Matatus to Redhill [Image Source:]

Matatu : 150 KES

Board Matatus to Limuru at Koja Stage. The area shown in photo. Before you board, insist on alighting at Redhill. They are kind enough to direct you to the correct vehicle. Apparently a number of them are headed to Limuru but ply a different route.

Be alert on your way, the car has no tout, money is collected before departure by the driver. I tracked our ride real time on google maps. The driver might also forget and you will alight in the middle of nowhere with only yourself to blame.

Uber: 900 KES (from CBD )

I found this quite affordable for a cab service. I did not use it though, just checked the rates before I left home.

What to do at Redhill?

First, if you opted for a matatu, please walk the almost 2 Kilometer dusty stretch from the entrance to where you will start to see civilization. There are no sign boards put up to guide you, once you take your left at the entrance, have faith be courageous. Lol! Just ask random people about anything you are interested in, because there is completely no sort of order or direction.


Short: 500 KES

Long- 250 Metres: 700 KES

I’d highly recommend ziplining. The adrenaline is quite a thrill, though it only lasts 6 seconds. It was especially exciting for me to zipline over a lake. I really love water and it is the only reason I even picked Redhill to begin with.

Horse Ride

Short: 250 KES

Long: 500 KES

I wouldn’t recommend. The Horse is malnourished and thin; not clean either so it had a certain smell. Balancing on a thin horse isn’t fun at all, you are constantly scared of falling off the saddle.

Boat Ride : The lake is man made and not exactly huge. For someone who loves water, this was a hard pass.

Fishing: 1000 KES and you go home with all the fish you caught. You can also ask for the fish you caught to be prepared for you.

Jumping Castle: They have the huge ones that I guess would be a lovely time for any kid.

Recommended for families and team -building; so the more the merrier.

How much is Food and Drinks at Redhill?

The floating restaurants are a vibe. If you are about 1-5 people you’ll have to share the restaurant. I sat with 2 other groups in the one I was chilling in. Different tables though, well spaced.

Their Nyama Choma is to die for, so you might want to have a little extra money for thy tummy.

The one Balozi Beer I paid for was 250 KES.

I did not look at the menu but sounds pretty affordable. Think of the those nyama choma havens on the outskirts of Nairobi, for family Sunday get away. That’s the price range.

Quality of Service According Olave.

The waiters and attendants were nice but super laid back. You had to literally approach them at random to ask for guidance.

The boys in charge of activities are not trained to inform. You have to consistently prompt to get info about something. I expected the tour guide experience, to learn about Redhill’s inception, details about the activities and their pricing, probably the sort of fish in the lake, where the lake drains to, future plans for the space… you get the drift? I even walked passed the payments office only to be directed back…LoL! Benefit of doubt, I assume I went during off peak hours and probablythey’d be more upbeat on days they are experiencing traffic.

Just get this straight, they were not rude. Everyone I interacted with was lovely, just that there was a strong stench of disorganization. I am particularly very organized, so this might also be a big deal, only for me.

The Thought Behind It.

This was one of the solo dates I promised myself to do this year. So ziplining for the first time and just being outside my house by myself was a big deal. The experience might have mostly been lovely because I did not feel the pressure of inconveniencing other people. The overthinking that comes with being around people is a tad heavy on me.

I tend to overthink things, so the spontaneity of heading to town, taking a matatu to a place I have never been, to have an experience I have never had was exciting and scary. As small a trip as this may have been, I found myself a little more confident to do other random things in the week that followed.

I like my own company but now I wouldn’t mind more of it outside the safety of my house. All in all, it was a lovely experience.

Special Thanks to Phenny for the Recommendation. This girl has all these places a the tip of her fingers. I mentioned zipline over water and she knew exactly where to recommend. She can organize trips for you and has loads of travel info. Check PHENNY DISCOVERS.

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