Potato Hen Roast

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Every meal I put up a recipe for has an inspiration. By now we all know the inspiration is mostly persistent laziness. So there is this one weekend I could not gather strength to do anything, but I was hungry and broke. That is how we got to this quick fix. This is the most African meal ever prepared because none of the ingredients have measurements. Just use instinct. LoL!


Chicken (Pieces)


Cooking Oil

Soy Sauce

Curry Powder

Pilau Masala

Cayenne Pepper




Peel your potatoes and slice them in half for small potatoes, for big ones, cut into wedges.

Place in a container and add salt, oregano and cooking oils and mix everything in very well and place aside.

Put your chicken pieces in a container and add soy sauce, curry powder, pilau Masala,cayenne pepper, salt and cooking oil. Feel free to add any spices you like.

Mix in all the ingredients until you soul feels at peace. Place aside.

Now you might want to leave them to sit for a while but if you are really hungry, you don’t have to wait.

Line your baking tray with Aluminium foil while you preheat your cooker for 10 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.

Space your chicken pieces well on the baking tray.

Place the potatoes with the sliced sides facing up on the baking tray.

Throw them in the oven and cook at 200 degrees Celsius. You should be done in about 30 minutes. Use a knife to check on the potatoes, the chicken should cook just fine.

Serve with a simple salad (Onions, Tomatoes and Mayonnaise) and/or juice.

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