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The music industry is one of the toughest glasses to break through in Kenya. If you are a budding artist, you could use some visibility tips. Make yourself available; that means, easy to reach and also easy to recall. As a writer in the entertainment industry, I am best placed to advise artists on how to brand themselves in the simplest of ways. You’d wonder why this applies to you even as a big fish artist.

You need to understand that for writers and digital marketers in music to efficiently promote your content, we need to find info about you easily. Yes, it’s our job to research, but also we have 700 other artists to write about in a single day, trust me, it does not matter how big a deal you are, we have priorities.

2nd and the best reason why you should be available, it’s great to brand yourself so that people get to know about you from you. If not we are left with only what the tabloids have to say. Be sure, it does not go up on a tabloid if it isn’t dirty. The choice is yours.

Let us begin with the simplest of things.

Social Media

Social media is the cheapest and most effective branding and marketing tool in 2019. The main ones are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Rule number one;

Consistent Brand Name: Make sure you have a consistent user name across all social sites. You can use @orawoolave on any site to find me. If your name is not unique, add a consistent suffix or prefix to it, across all networks. So maybe @orawoolaveKE or @Officalorawoolave. That way, if I master just one of your usernames, I won’t have a problem referring fans and potential clients to any of your sites.

Clear Profile Description: In correct grammar, English, Kiswahili or Mother-tongue. Describe what it is you do or offer. It should be brief, precise and accurate. ‘Digital Content Marketer, Lifestyle Blogger offering Copywriter and Digital Branding services.’

Contact Info: As part of your profile description, give official functioning contacts people can reach you through. E-mails are safe. Phone numbers are faster but it is not recommended for purposes of blocking out spammers, stalkers and fraudsters. If you are easily reachable through social media inboxes, do indicate the same. Check e-mails, inboxes, missed calls every 5 minutes. So media coverage and gig organizers can reach you easily.

Profile Pictures: Upload good professional high resolution pictures. Use them as your profile picture and also randomly upload these good photos of you on your account. We want to publish our stories alongside good photos of you. Do both us that favour.  Please just pick a day, dress well and walk into a photo studio. I can recommend affordable good ones.

An Active Account: Upload at least one thing relating to your brand everyday so that your page is not idle. A photo of an activity you are up to, your quote of the day, an experience you’ve had. Just make sure your page is always active. If you have gigs coming up, keep reminding people of it through your social accounts. This is what we (writers) use to beef up our articles sometimes.

Media Briefs

Keep the media updated. Compile a list of media contacts. If you are to release new content or have a gig coming up. Send all your contacts a brief. This entails a brand profile, press brief of the product or gig and high resolution photos and well done posters of the event.

In just one e-mail, we have enough content to tell your fans about you and hype whatever it is you have coming up. Easy peasy.

Create a Personal Encyclopedia. 

The closest example I can give you is wikipedia.  Thanks to 2019 we now have lots of sites and blog hosts  that can creatively put together all info about you. Create one and make sure the link is everywhere. So if anyone wants any info about you, they can just refer to that. This you have to keep updating as you achieve more and grow. It gives less room for false news about you.

This far we have come, you now understand how important branding yourself and being available is. Once this is done, you’ll never have to call a blogger, or a music service to ask them why they are not promoting you like they do other big artists.

Feel free to contact me for recommendations on people who offer any of these services. I will gladly offer consultancy too. Help me, help you.

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