Music is the bane of my existence. Been accused a couple of times though  that I don’t know much about it. I do plead guilty but one thing I do well know is, my taste…and it’s not shabby. That said; I have my favourites right about now.

You might not have heard them at the club or on your bus ride but you sure will love them. Best thing is, they are 100% Kenyan. If we have this here, I don’t know what it is we look for outside.

You know my top three good music ingredients. Lyrics, Musicality and Execution.

Tha Movement x Wamvii – Java Love


Oh, you got to watch it’s video. It’s a laid back track, just the perfect love story. I really can’t say much because most of what I feel for this song can’t be put to words. Click on it, watch and listen, drop a review in the comments.

Serro – Okello


Okay Serro might be my favourite person in the Kenyan music scene right now. As I said though, my taste is nothing but exquisite. Okello’s execution is what I’d call world class. The instrumentals reminds me of Mirriam Makeba’s Thank You Mama. The lyrics is everything you’d have wanted to read in a heartfelt letter from yours truly. You want this song playing in the background at a candle lit dinner. Review pale comments section.

Nadia Mukami – Si Rahisi


Are we still looking for our Lady Jaydee? This might have crossed your path at some point but I must recognize that this song is deep, beautiful and what we should be having on our airwaves. In my head I paired her with Sanaipei for an explosion of a lifetime.

Abbih Nguma – Mwanamali


We all know the in-law hustle be too really. Abbih penned this one carefully. It’s a delicate piece for endless love. Well done in it’s easy feel and boy sounds like honey in milk. It’s a definite Yay, Nay ni wewe. LoL!

I’m pretty sure you loved each and every one of them. Well, if you want to add to the list, tell me about your favourite Kenyan acts right now. It’s nothing but love over here.

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One thought on “KENYA’S DOPEST A-LIST

  1. I agree, Nadia Mukami is our own Lady Jaydee. Thanks for introducing me to her!
    Serro is one of my favourite Kenyan musicians too. Alongside Ayrosh and his Maheni. That’s a song btw 🙂


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