My heart was racing and I was scared and for the first time in a long time, I could not laugh and say ‘let life happen.’ It was a text from my mum about dad having to go for an eye surgery. My friend was going through some shitty moment and I could not make this sound like the big deal it was for me at that moment. I had talked to him earlier, we’d laughed about nonsense as usual. He said he is not very well but we laughed about that too. Yes, it’s dad, he feels a little under the weather; nothing painkillers can’t take care of. He is epitome of resilience, I don’t even know how a cold looks on that ninja. Old age is the only thing that might have grown on him, everything else, looks just the same as two decades ago.

You’d wonder why my dad is special. Now after interacting with so many men and having met friends whose dads were not exactly available; I have learned, I have just the perfect man in my life. First things first, my mom is his queen and together they are a pact. You are not getting past that firewall. I saw somewhere that we people whose parent are our dream couple, are lucky. I do not deny that, I sure am lucky. Standards have been set.

Okay, so I was restless at work and him and mum were at the hospital already.She kept on giving me updates and last minute appeal to raise money for his surgery so he could go in. I was worried sick and I can’t forget how much I sweat that day. By evening my mom wasn’t picking calls so I rushed to the hospital. It was right about 7: 30pm when I got there. The guards wouldn’t let me in; something about visiting hours were over. I leaned on the wall outside the gate and cried. I cried so much, I sobbed like I haven’t since I was a thirteen. I just cried and I couldn’t hold it back. I was almost done in a few and headed home for the night still sobbing quietly.

My mom called and they sounded fine. I could find strength to sleep. It was the idea of the strongest anchor in my life being sick enough to need help or the fact that I wasn’t there by his side like he always was for me; that made me feel like a terrible person. Well, I know I am , but I’m nice to my parents…LoL!


So seated here next to my dad in the hospital waiting bay as my mum gets his drugs. I ask why he is not bandaged and we laugh again about how he doesn’t want to walk around one eyed like captain Jack Sparrow. Hahaha…I  know…He says just his eye is in pain, he has no headache and the light makes it hurt a little bit more. We’ve basically talked about everything; why I refused to do my masters and why I am not rich yet. You should have seen us plotting how we should say he is sick again coz he could not believe how much money streamed in just at the news that he was unwell and needed surgery. No one would send you money for anything else – Hahaha. He says he is not worried about the eye so much, he knows it will never be as clear as the other one but he just needs it to see the next few years coz at his age, he can’t sit here and pretend he still has his whole life ahead of him. LoL!

Apparently you do not sleep much in old age. He says him and his 70 year old brother talked about how they know every bird that sounds at night. They can tell time and type of bird just by it’s sound. That’s old age for us…it was a hearty talk and lots of laughter like is signature when hanging out with this old guy. So I thought he’d come see my place for lunch then rest the day and head home the next. My mom comes back with the drugs and ninja wants to go home. Yes, he’ll just take his first dose now and wants to sleep in his house tonight. *sigh.

They arrived home safe and wish him quick recovery. If there is anything I ever want to grow into is the wit -filled human my father is. Always find something funny to laugh about in every situation. Feel laid back about everything that happens in this life. Know how to keep my calm and confidence so that everyone around me feels safe even if inside I’m cold and scared. Give and never tire of sharing. Put the needs of those I love before my own. Make sure when I die, the whole world will darn miss me.

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6 thoughts on “MY DAD AND HIS LAST FEW

  1. I can so relate, like dads don’t get sick…..but it’s awesome that he made it through and is back to spreading humor. It’s scares like these that remind us to keep in touch


    1. You know. It’s like dads are human gods. True true, you need a little shiver to remind you to always keep checking up on loved ones. Thank you for all the well wishes.


  2. I thought you were talking about my dad for a moment. Your papi has conquered sickness in his mighty name.Amen


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