Growing up in family of girls, it is really difficult to live this life without some insecurities. My sisters are hot, eish! They are lady like and they grace beauty in ways I can’t put to words. Then there is me…LOL! Cha muhimu ni uhai…ama?

I am what my friends and I coined ‘Lupita Chested.’ Yes, those girls with two flats on their chest and still can’t afford this life. LoL! Don’t get me wrong, just because I’m confident about my fist size pair, does not mean, I never had my moments. Major self-esteem issues I’ve had to deal with until I finally got to this point.

It has been a journey of push up bras, I’d have a list but that’s the much I did really. Recently met a friend who confessed she even once would massage her boobs with ice cubes every morning just to make them bigger. Google will be the end of us I swear. This struggle has seen girls look for booster creams, extra padded bras, and contour make up to give a more voluptuous illusion.

Having gotten to a point I am so comfortable in my skin, I look back and can’t help but laugh. Since I am in this place in my life where nothing really bothers me save for the Landlords’ notice; I’ll give you tips on how to dress small boobs, alright?


First of all you have an advantage coz with tiny boobs, you literally can wear anything. Don’t be afraid to try everything that comes to mind. Turtle necks, low V-neck, round neck, spaghetti tops; you think of it, wear it. There are lose hanging tops mostly chiffon or satin, those look better on bigger boobed ladies so don’t worry if it doesn’t look as good on you as it does on your friend. Go for fabric with texture and more fitting.

The trick about dressing small boobs is not to dress them up at all. My favourite fun fact, girl you do not need to wear a bra. Let the babies bounce and breathe. Not that they are big enough to bounce but you know what I mean. You can always invest in body fitting tops just to help hold in case you are on toes a lot.

Small boobs are not necessarily perky. It is perfectly normal to have small droopy boobs. The body fitting tops will work great with or without a bra. If you’d like to wear a bra, find a good fitting one and avoid too tight or too padded. Push up bras make your girls look like they are trying too hard to pop out and give you that big boob cleavage you want so bad. So don’t try to force it.

What is it with the obsession of covering nipples? Unless they are painful, I really do not feel the need to not show them. I know this sounds off but to me, they look great showing, like boobie accessories. Lol! Perfect fitting bras, body fitting tops, spaghetti or boob tops will work great if you want to hold the babies. I really do not care, I wear everything without a bra unless it’s a see through or very light fabric. So it’s your choice really.

Amber Rose showing off nipples in a vest top.

You might try all these tips and still feel inadequate. You know what that is? Self-consciousness. That I can’t give tips on. You’ll have to teach yourself to love your body for what it already is. Try to always remember that no one has a right to an opinion about your body. This however does not mean that they won’t have opinions. You’ll still scroll your timeline and see mean jokes about ‘perfect’ and ‘imperfect’ boobs. Boobs are like babies, comes in all shapes and sizes. Laugh at a joke, cry if you feel hurt but choose happiness, choose love for yourself. Okay?

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