I tell people I listen to anything and everything and they just look at me like I’m nuts. Well, I am but that’s besides the point. Just thought I’d give you some of my favourite Kenyan gospel hits.

Any other music for me passes by achieving one of musicality, lyrics or execution. Gospel on the other hand must pass the mark for all the three. I do not compromise on musicality because that’s how you are going to capture your audience at the very beginning, and if you need the word to reach someone, you need it. Lyrics in gospel I hold most important. I believe the whole point is to spread the gospel so ‘zigwembe’ for me is not going up on this list. Execution is the reason they are even on my blog right now. Deliver it to me, make me believe even if it makes no sense. Speak to me, lay with me if you will, but let it get through that you really wrote it for me. get it? Okay let’s get down to business.

Wewe ni Mungu by Daddy Owen ft. Rigan Sarkozi 


This one got me on that Bolingo vibe; did you feel that Labamba tune at the very beginning? Starts on a rather serene choral verse that sounds more South African and we all know how we love us some SA energy.

Daddy Owen takes it off with his signature sound giving us a feel good kiswahili verse well presented in good tone. If there is auto tune, I  missed it . Rigan off course then sweeps us to Congo and we all know you can’t keep still when the dombolo comes on.

Every word is well thought out to give glory to the almighty  as he well deserves. It is heart felt thanksgiving and I can tell it’s genuine. The video cost them a good investment and if I was god, this is what I’d want at the thanksgiving dinner. Good job.


Huyu Yesu by Mercy Masika & Angel Benard


You can never go wrong in white. I remember the first time I saw this; it was on mute on my TV and I had to turn up the volume just for how the set  looked. Well not much going on, but you should be wise enough by now to know if you throw African prints on to plain white you have magnificence. They went for simplicity on the video and I loved every bit of it.

These two ladies take their time in the sweetness of their diversity to tell you about how mighty their God is. Listening to them, it is actually a sweet love story about a man that comes recommended because he will offer nothing but providence, protection and limitless comfort.

The two ladies sound completely different but they both have addictive signature sounds, you want to just keep listening. They work together to bring an explosion of a performance. They totally leave you believing ‘huyu yesu si hadithi.’

Narudish by Gloria Muliro 


Gives a very African feel and I can actually hear the shakers. The bassist must be having the time of his life on this one. Ya’ll know Gloria, girl gives it her all. She’s always sounded so soulful to me and that’s just what she gives me here too. Take it away ma.

If you went to Sunday school, you know the story of Job too well. That is basically her lyrics. Whatever is lost, is returned and even in twice fold. She invokes the name of her creator to receive back all she has lost in life’s tribulations. Don’t you find that powerful? This is also one of my favourites coz it reminds me a lot of the worship sessions in church. It is beautiful worship. Keep preaching girl.

Kutembea Nawe by Rebekah Dawn


I could sleep listening to this and still wake up to it. Just sets the mood for everything peaceful in my life. Where do I start with Beka’s? We can start by the fact that it’s just a piano and very good vocals. So she builds it up to a choral effect with modest African beats heavy on rhythm. I lack the words to describe this particular one.

She literally just wrote a love song to God. ‘I just want to take a walk with you.’ She confesses to not knowing what the future holds and she just needs him to be there and to guide her. They are beautiful words, the kind you want to hear on a bad day.

On that note, Rebekah closes the list for now.




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