DIY is the new way of doing everything now. Why hire when you can Do It Yourself?  Interiors are now easy to design and guess what. You won’t need a renovation to make your house suit your style. What is your favorite colour? What themes do you fancy? Where is that one place you always wanted to go but couldn’t afford to? Turn your house into all this, with just simple things you’ll find in the house and some you might even want to dispose.

My favourite is an African theme, it is easy and simple. Hang a kanga or two somewhere on the wall; either on a single nail or pin them in different shapes. You can then use traditional woven baskets and mats still on the wall or dangle it from the roof. Ceramic artifacts with jungle green or red colours will give you the ultimate touch of an African theme; it could be a flower vase or just a curving.


If you are the kind of person who likes colour and fun, buy it all. Throw pillows of different luminous colours will definitely give you a dream home. Keep main features of the house plain, that is; the sofa, wall and carpet, black or white would be perfect. I advice shears instead of curtains on the windows, you’ll need as much natural lighting as you can get to bring out a good pop of each colour. Your walls could get as creative as you want too, teddy bears, multicoloured mats, wall hangings and maybe a colourless vase. How does it look?

If you have empty wine bottles or rather any bottles with beautiful shapes, dress them up. You can sew any sort of fabric on them or wrap them in threads or ribbons. Your definition of beautiful is all that matters. Do it with a couple of friends over and take tea and cookies while at it, the sugar rush will be perfect.  Look up other DIY ideas online and share. Hire sometimes because interior designers need to pay bills too.




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