I am not a believer in extraordinary powers but whatever I am now witnessing in this time and day, I can’t help but ask in which chapter in the book of sorcery we are in. I will say it again just in case you missed it in my previous articles and my loud Facebook posts; I am not a feminist and I do not aspire to be one. I am simply a humanist. Every single life and right matters to me regardless of gender, race or social status. Having said that, I will not deny that women have always been on the receiving end of almost everything negative. Saddest bit is that, even as the victims, the female race has to prove how they are the victims and why. It is absurd that we have fought so many gender wars, we are definitely winning some, but the gravest of them all was right beneath our noses.


The KNH saga with women now coming up to speak, dates back to even 12 years ago. A rot that has gone on for so long it normalized the rape culture to the most vulnerable of women. We marched the streets against rape culture with #MyDressMyChoice, it never occurred to us that there was a woman who couldn’t march and her hospital rob was not an attire of choice and she was subjected to the grim experience of, childbirth and before she could heal, sexual harassment.


We now take caution when we go into delivery taking with you a friend so they don’t exchange or steal your baby. So the baby selling business was not making as much profit. We literally have to deal with one evil after the other the previous one being less grave than the next. Do you know what upsets me most? That the people we have placed our trust in to keep us safe are the same people turning on us. Who ever thought an attendant at the hospital would be the one to rape you or cause you so much traumatic fear. To whom did it ever occur that we’d learn of the wickedest evil from a patient’s social media post and not a nurse’s campaign strategy to deal with what she consciously knows exists? I had thought that humans had become pathetic creatures, surprise, they were just about to set a new low for me.


I am so upset, every time this discussion comes up; I do not air an opinion, and simply because I am filled with so much rage I literally feel myself swallowing my words down with the hot lumps of anger. Does it have to hit home so that we start talking about it? Oh how we are so lenient with people who should be held accountable. On that note I do not even understand how KNH management is still in office with all this going on. We are so quick to tell other people to step aside but a matter as grave as this, some woman with the audacity to deny such allegations in full glare of the cameras is still in office. Woman you disgust me.


Remember I once ranted about Amina Mohamed not helping out women whose husbands had been detained in Sudan. Put aside the whole façade of competence, can’t you just do it for the sake of being a woman. It automatically makes it easier for you to step into another woman’s shoe. I was met with counter arguments that gender should not be mentioned. Here is a woman now denying rape and hararassment of lactating mothers when she’d be in the best position to understand how a woman is so weak and vulnerable just after birth. Doesn’t it count for something that she is a woman? Doesn’t it?


I have lost all hope in humanity. If Tarzan knew, he’d have just lived with the animals instead of trying to get in touch with his human side. Human beings are mean, bad people. We have moved from smiling and hugging while stubbing in the back to just plain dipping a knife into your chest looking straight in your eyes as life drains from you. As a friend said ‘I used to be fiercely proud to be a woman. Now it’s terror’ ~Malouda Flo


You get a baby and she’s a girl, find a planet you can move to, coz in this one, mama, you are cursed. I am done venting. I’m not sure if this article even make sense, I just needed to let it all out…Peace, may whatever universal powers that make the earth rotate protect women coz we really can’t do it ourselves.

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