Where are all my middle class people at? I know we have not been in touch for a while but your girl will always have your back. So there is something new at in town and I’m sure you’d really like it. It is not the safest time to say this; but the girl child stands to gain more in my new found treat pot.

So I have always been looking for a place I can find good quality house accessories at affordable prices. I mean bathroom care products, kitchenware, fancy home alone girl starter pack and I just found the place. You’d probably wonder why I am all about the middle class people; this squad knows how to hog it all. So it is not about basic needs like food, clothing and shelter; neither is it a money splash affair of aged wine and trips to the Bahamas, it is just simple treats you’d really love.


You have probably heard of MINISO, a lifestyle store that I’d simply call colourful. Everything in the store is bright and bubbly, feels like the shelves are talking to you. As I’ve said before, I rarely endorse products but if I can’t help it, trust me, it’s that good. Ladies, it’s your time to get spoiled, and please this is not the kind of place you want to drag a man to. Let him bum over snacks and binge watch something, then you and your girls can get ice-cream after shopping. I’m not saying it is a store completely irrelevant to dudes, I just did not feel, there’d be something extraordinary for the boy child. Don’t let my opinion count though, feel free to visit and check out some of the electronics they have in stock.

Miniso opened their first store in Kenya just recently at the Village Market. It’s barely even a week old and don’t ask how I knew and already went there LoL, I’m just that girl with a really good thrift antennae. So it’s of Japanese…or Chinese origin, I am still trying to read on how different those two countries are so spare me for now. I have a thing for Asian products though, I believe they are legit, ya’ll can fight me all you want but your preference to me is just an opinion, so is mine to you.

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On that legit note, every product at Miniso is quality, okay I’ll speak for the ones I bought. Made from quality durable material. There are lots of quality stuff all around the world, but just one factor is the determinant, the PRICE. I must admit, knowing Village Market, I had just walked in to window shop first but the thriftier prices Miniso was throwing my way were simply irresistible. I’m speaking about a price range of Ksh 150 to Ksh 4000. Everything under that roof falls in that range and 4000 is really to the higher side. You know, no matter how much I explain it, you just have to visit the store yourself and experience it on your own.

If I start doing a review of the few things I picked, this article might just read like the Old Testament scroll. Give me a few days, weeks or months and I’ll let you in on some of the products I have used, plus gives me time to experience them enough to give you a realistic opinion. Right now I’m too excited to even notice cons. Meanwhile, visit Miniso and you can tell me about it once you have. I hear rumors they’ll be opening more stores, how I hope that’s true coz the distance from home…eish!

Miniso has stores in Nigeria and South Africa, if you have friends there, you can  ask. Christmas did come just on time, I’m grateful it did. Cheers lovelies!


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