I rarely do reviews although I enthusiastically market brands that have offered me great services and products. My friends are even trying to get me a job at JUMIA. I totally trust them, though they once delayed my delivery by 2 weeks, I feel it is a trusted online brand that is convenient and very competent.

See, how I talk about brands I like? Those I don’t like, I usually don’t smear mud on but I’ll never say something nice either. If you ask me about something and I pull one word for 3 seconds as if I want to start performing an opera; you should know that my brain is experiencing short circuits trying to find something good to say.


That said, this article is dedicated to my most recent accomplishment in life; my phone. I’m those people who never lose anything and so every phone my entire life was a gift from my dad. They were just two phones and oh yeah, I got one from my former work place. The phone I currently posses is the first phone I have bought. Boy am I glad for all the handy jobs I’ve had to do, my electronics knowledge is not so shabby now.

It all began when I moved into my own place; you have to start buying stuff you know. You then realize you do not even know what to look for when buying an electric kettle. I’d Google all night, call multiple male friends who I felt knew about watts and stuff like that; and with time I learned how to analyze specs on my own.

Craziest realization ever; just because a brand has been there since you were toothless does not mean it is the best. I went ahead at risking a new brand with something as big and my TV and it turned out to be one of my favourite choices ever. Over time I just learned to check specs and read reviews; names do not matter to me anymore. I am however still skeptical about changing my tooth paste and soap brand because it was passed down by loving mum and dad. (LOL)


On to why, I am writing this article. My phone is an OPPO F3. You have probably seen it on TV and on the billboards. Why my friends think it’s shady, is because it is not a Samsung, Nokia or Tecno. Ninja please, kwanza if you have an Infinix, you shall dare not give me your opinion (I love you beyond your phone though)

So it is a brand that has been in Kenya for I hear two years but I only got to know of it about 6 months ago. I went with my new learned trick, specs and reviews. The phone is powerful and sleek. Isn’t that what every girl wants? Something you can whoop out of your pocket and instantly send signals of what class you roll with? (Muhaha)

Anyway I always just wanted a powerful phone and one I wouldn’t feel embarrassed using when invited to those boujee cocktail parties. Powerful means speeds and space, I rarely take selfies so an awesome camera is a plus for days I need to capture what I actually look like in present time.

OPPO would not be your go to phone because it did not exist when we danced to ‘twende tukawake, huko Nairobi West’ but boy you better learn that old is gold and new is pearls and they are both very precious.


The best thing for me about this phone, is that for a 4GB RAM, 64GB Internal Memory and a dual selfie camera with a great rear camera, I only part with like 33 Gs. We all admit Ksh 33,000 for the mother brands are phones with slightly or a lot more inferior specs. I can’t describe how much this phone is awesome. I’d count this as my best experience this year. I watch movies on my way home, I charge my phone once in two days and it looks good on my hand. Oh and the audio technology is out of this world, I do not need apps anymore to record my radio episodes.

Moral of the story; learn to try out new stuff. New brands have something extra to offer because they have to work twice as hard to instill as much trust as the older brands. To my girl-friends learn to pick out your own electronic devices and learn to buy them for yourself. It feels so good and it gives you bragging rights for no apparent reason.


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