Personally, I feel Nyash is the only artist in Africa who has a right to release a diss track because that ninja is gifted. I love his AMINIA because he tells other artists everything I’ve always wanted to tell them only that I am not a celebrity and it will never get to them. Thank you my ninja.

On to the agenda of this review. That song Malaika that all my girlfriends on Facebook won’t let me breath because of …SMH This song is not going on my playlist and not any time soon. I know we are all obsessed with it and it must have some hypnotic effect. I teared up a little when listening to it, only because it reminded me how cold my bed is every night and if my clients don’t call, then my phone is a graveyard.

Well, we single people cannot continue listening to Malaika. The lyrics is everything you’d want to wake up to in the morning. It tells a beautiful love story. Telling how relationships are not always laughs and giggles. There are seasons for fights and disagreements and despite all this, you’d love someone enough to spend the rest of your life with them.


You know me, everything has to be in perfect place to please me. Well, Nyash has stolen my heart again on those instrumentals my friend. Mute him and let’s listen to the keys, the strings and the bow gliding over metallic strips to create heavenly music. It creates the ambiance of love, trust and peaceful serenity up in the mountains overlooking the sunrise.

Video, he says it well in AMINIA, the only artist who ever released a lyric video and hit a million views. Nyash knows how to tell a tale. Now mute the audio and watch; the story is quite clear and I like how he places it in context of kawaida people. The house the couple lives in is not oh so magnificient and they actually stop by the road to eat mutura(though in broad daylight…we know issa lie), plus the dude is munching on muthokoi and chapo? Awesomeness…does not begin to describe it. Then Nyash my love goes ahead to inject an ambiance of serenity, standing by sunset reflections on water and a piano playing right behind him. The sunset sets the mood not only for the lyrics but also all aesthetics.

I love this song to bits but I will not have it on my playlist until I find someone to make those lyrics relevant. For now, Nyashinski, good job baba.


Malaika by Nyashinski (Official Video)


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