I have very strong opinions about certain issues so I take time to actually try and express it in the least offensive way. The #JohoChallenge is one thing I never participated in because I just found it childish and not one bit amusing. I just did not understand how, of all the obnoxious issues we as a country were facing, Mombasa Governor’s grades is what was getting most airplay for close to a week.  It also disgusted me how much Government resources were being used to prove how Joho is not fit to be governor. The same effort should have been directed towards fighting corruption. A friend defending this point told me, that there are commissions charged with the responsibility of ensuring aspirants are well vetted before being allowed to run for an elective position. So if Joho is found guilty of faking his grades or buying his way into the university, then he should face the music. I agree 100%, but question is, Joho has been governor for 4 years, this means he was cleared to compete in 2013. So what were the roles of these commissions a few years back?

That aside, I must commend Sultan for owning his grades and being proud of them. He is now governor yet he scored D- in his KCSE. If Joho did not buy his way to power, then we have a long way to go with this education system.  When the KCSE results came out last year, I took to social media to encourage students who had not done so well. I am still of the opinion that the KCSE certificate grows invalid very fast. In my journey of working and endless business pitches and job interviews, not a single employer or client ever requested for my KCSE certificate. Most just want to see proof of your Bachelors Degree but they don’t even use it much if you have a portfolio to prove your work experience. I stand to be corrected, maybe I am just a lucky lass, could be other fields work different.

Well, if Joho did buy his way to power, it still means there is a loop hole somewhere where lazy people can access short cuts at the expense of hard working youths. There are two major things ailing our productivity levels. The Education System and Corruption. Corruption runs in our blood as a kawaida act which we like to garnish as helping someone you know or just being grateful. If someone does you a favour, it is fine to just say thank you and not reward them with money. Where did our good manners go to, give and do not expect anything in return. This does not work for loans please. Ukiomba deni, lipa tafadhali. We have been taught a lot of crap that just does not work anymore. I remember I was always told to wake up early so I can be successful in future. Success means a car, a house, a good job and good money by the way. Welcome to my future, I am as broke as the teacher’s bad example. We read to pass exams because if you passed exams you’d be successful. We got to campus and were fully trained to be everything an employer would want. What about what an Employer requires to be an Employer?


I usually tell people I meet, that to date, I really do not know what exactly I learned seated in a media classroom. Every skill and trick I know now, was acquired in some random place I volunteered to intern or work. I remember being asked if I can do a number of things I had no idea about and I always said yes, then learned how to do it when assigned. Everything used to be a first time for me but I’d execute it with so much courage, you’d have thought I had years of experience. That is how I learned, that’s the same way I still learn. This method however works for those who have the guts to take risks, what about those who fear testing the waters? If only more people learned skills of being the boss. If only parents and teachers would encourage students to go all out and express their ideas, be innovators and think outside the box, may be unemployment would not be a key issue to deal with. You might assume this is just in primary and high schools, it extends to campus. I lived my entire four years thinking I am supposed to leave school and become a news reporter or editor. When I finally got out into the world, I realized there are so many different spheres within the media to explore. School is just giving us one line of thought, one type of job and when you do not get it, you fall into depression and some even commit suicide. Our education system is lethal crap.

The solution might not be instant. It will take time to adopt a new mentality and be able to instill it in our kids as early as kindergarten because the foundation usually matters most.  It’s about time teachers and parents learned to identify their children’s strength and bank on empowering them from that point. We were all in school, and we all knew those students who were chemistry and physics gurus but could not grasp a single concept in poetry. Remember those who were extremely good in Agriculture and Home science and could not balance a simple chemical equation? The ones who always excelled in drama, music, journalism club but just did not have the zeal for math. Those are clear sketches of abilities that could be used to help students specialize.  If you are in or just fresh out of High School, try and identify your natural abilities, research on opportunities that relate to your talent or skill and discuss the same with friends who have similar interest. This will go a long way in helping you decide what to pursue in campus and also which career spheres to venture into. The earlier the better, from the look of things, no one will help you with these decisions. Parents want the best for you but most of the time they’ll push you towards what would be best for them if they were you. So until we adopt a better education structure and until we start living in a free and fair society; you are on your own. A few of us who do not mind sharing our experience will lend a hand of  guidance although no one is there for us either, this life is just trial and error.

Is Joho guilty? I do not know and I do not care, I just don’t want to see any of them come September #FagiaWote

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