Assuming you and I live in the same space, you’ve had those days when you debated whether you want to spend an extra 60 bob on Chips masala (Masala Chips according to some weirdos) instead of plain fries. Do not spend, carry your fries home, I’m about to sort you. If you are also heading home late, need to grab fries but you do not have a microwave yet, this will come in handy in warming your fries. Here we go.


1Finely chopped onion

2 Finely Chopped tomatoes

2Finely Chopped Garlic Cloves

2Chili Cloves

Processed Tomato/ Chili Sauce


Curry Powder

10ml cooking oil



Fry your onions and garlic in oil until they turn golden brown then add in your tomatoes and mix well. Add curry powder and salt at this point to break the tomatoes faster and to give time for the curry to cook.

Add in your chili cloves and add tomato sauce and chili sauce to your preference. If you prefer wet masala, you’ll need to add more sauce depending on your taste. If you are not a hot tongue, avoid chili cloves and chili sauce, just use tomato sauce.

Mix well; it looks like thick beetroot juice, right? Now add your plain fries and mix well for about 30 seconds. Do not give it time to stick to your sauce pan. Once you feel, it’s mixed well and it has heated up enough.

Serve with hot tea or cold juice.

Note: You can also make your own plain fries. Peel potatoes, chop into preferred shapes and deep fry it in oil.  Enjoy.

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