I do not like bragging how I hold the record for world’s greatest Pojo cook (hahaha.) The English name for it is Green Grams and we the normal humans call in Ndengu ; of course it’s the Swahili who decided to call it Pojo. Here is the secret, do not buy the broken grains, just buy whole green grams. Whoever said broken grains take half the time to cook must have been half asleep plus it just does not taste the same. I’d give you my favourite brands if they’d pay for it, for now work with any.




You need to boil your green grams until they are very soft. I have a tip, if you plan to make it for lunch or dinner, soak it in a covered saucepan with salt in hot water early morning. By the time you’ll be back to boil it, you’ll only boil for 15- 20 minutes. Mash your ndengu, give it all you got; if it is dry it should look powderish if it is wet, pasty will do. You can boil and mush in bulk and keep some in your freezer for some other day.


100g boiled mashed green grams.

10ml or cooking oil

1 finely chopped onion

Finely crushed garlic and ginger (optional)

3 finely chopped/ blended tomatoes


Curry powder (optipnal)

A pinch of chili powder

Capsicum (pilipili hoho)/ Coriander


Heat your cooking oil in a saucepan and pour in the onions, garlic and ginger together. I love this combination for the aroma, taste and health benefits.

When the onions turn golden brown, put in your tomatoes and stir. Add salt and curry powder but be careful if you had boiled your Ndengu with salt. Salt helps the tomatoes form paste faster. Curry powder is just the only ground spice I use.

Once the thick paste has formed, put in your mashed ndengu and knead it in with your sauce. Mix well so that it looks like pink paste and be careful to not let it stick on your saucepan.

Add milk as you stir until it is all liquid. Pour in a little water just so to make it lighter and cover on medium heat.

Check on it after every 2 minutes and stir so that your ndengu does not stick at the bottom of the saucepan. It will begin to form thick liquid and it will look pink, almost there.

Throw in your chopped capsicum. This we do not want to cook because we want its aroma and flavor. Continue to mix in until it forms porridge like thickness and turn off your cooker.

Voila! Those who do not like capsicum can sprinkle coriander at the very last minute.  We are done.

This goes well with Rice, Chapati, Bread or Sweet potatoes.

Serves 4 humans with normal appetite please.  #WeLiveToEat


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