We people of protein allergies never quite got to know whether pork is white or red meat. My sister said it’s pink, I guess for that reason; it causes no harm to us. Most Kenyans enjoy pork in choma dens because no one is really sure about how to make it. I come to your rescue so you can enjoy it at home too. Today we indulge in wet fry.




Cuts of ½ kg Pork

2 Finely chopped onions

3 Cloves of crushed Garlic

A piece of crushed ginger (The size of a garlic clove)

2 Finely chopped tomatoes

A pinch of salt

½ table spoon of curry powder


10ml Cooking oil (This is optional depending on if your cuts are fatty)


Wash your pork if you are paranoid. I don’t wash pork because I was made to believe it tastes better that way plus you do not want it to retain water so if you wash it, drain it completely.

Place your cuts in a sauce pan (sufuria) and spread it evenly. Sprinkle salt and cover it, then place it on low heat on your cooker.

Let it simmer until you hear it producing a foil sound. Check if it’s fat has melted and if it has no fats add your 10ml oil at this point.

Let your cuts fry dry in the oil as you turn until they assume a dark brown colour. Some people at this point drain excess oil and feed.

We however proceed to throw in our onions, garlic and ginger. Keep turning it ensuring all ingredients mix well as they fry until your onions turn golden brown.

Now put in your tomatoes, curry powder and chili (optional) and continue to turn. The tomatoes should create a thick red paste, the curry will give out some really good aroma and the chili might make you sneeze.

I guess you are salivating already.  Turn off your cooker and sprinkle fresh coriander leaves and serve hot with Ugali, Rice or Mushed Potatoes.


This meal serves 4 humans with normal appetite please. #WeLiveToEat

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