I have met and interacted with hundreds of people and it is true you can tell what relationship you will have with someone in the first 10 seconds. First impressions do matter but having been judged wrongly my entire life, I’d say give it a 2nd and 3rd impression so that you don’t just dismiss or trust someone wrongly. Wonder why I have been judged differently? Well, because I am really shy and my inability to maintain eye contact, sustain small talk and avoid strangers and crowds has always been interpreted as snobbish.  Moving on swiftly though, I have a list of people you should avoid like plague and it will only take you seconds to note these traits that clearly raise red flags.

Too Concerned

When you are new at the office or school and there is this one person who takes their time to welcome you nicely; red flag. They usually are too nice just as clingy as they sound; they’ll make sure to have lunch with you, give you the inside scoop about how the place functions and even characters of work/school mates. If you are keen you’ll realize they are the least liked around there, my ninja it’s because that’s the office snitch or teacher’s pet. If you have a tongue that runs faster than your brains, you might just give enough information for them to frame you or recruit you into their tiny secret service. What you need to know is that nice people don’t even approach people, you’ll just meet them at random places and they’ll effortlessly show some act of kindness. Too friendly is not too safe.


I love the Lord Type

Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against believers but be discerning my friend. Have you met these people who in the first instance you can clearly understand their stand on alcohol, homosexuality and their relationship with the pastor; red flag. We all have our belief systems, I should not know of yours in the first two minutes of our first meeting.  You will realize such people like to brag of what they did for someone in the name of the lord. Sometimes they just go on and on about their salvation and they do not care for context or scene; they just keep talking of their god.  These I’m afraid are the most dangerous people to have ever existed. I stand to be corrected but most of them care so much about what impression they create in front of people. Once you learn them inside out, you’ll be surprised of the things they do when the curtains are drawn. I prefer a murderer who comes up to me and tells me, he kills people, than have a direct ticket to heaven treat me nicely only to realize her house help has another story to tell. If you have not met in church, belief talk can’t be the first subject on the table, it is sensitive and anyone who understands that knows when to bring it up.



I Own an Island

My luo brothers, I don’t plan to marry you because of this common trait. I will however endorse you for all my lovely girlfriends and sisters (hahaha) take no offense, at this rate I will probably never get married.  I encounter mostly men who I think are working to impress, so they end up talking about things they own. Some will even try to clearly flash their wrist watch or phones right in front of your eyes. In 60 seconds you’ll have known about their, car, house, home theatre and the networks they have in the country. Oh! Let’s not forget their trips to Canada and the USA for holiday. Some claim to be personal friends of the who is who. Why you should avoid these people is probably because they own none of these things and trust me you do not want to get involved with someone with esteem issues. This is also common with girls, if you meet someone and within those first few minutes they have talked endlessly about their boyfriend, their shoes; most probably if you become friends, everything will end up being a competition and nothing to do with loyalty. Reminds me of a friend of mine who kept claiming he is besties with Larry Madowo but every time I asked him to call Larry so I can hear him talk, something would always come up. So braggers are big red flags. Note however that there are those who brag and genuinely have them but I don’t think so.

Talks About Everyone

If you’ve known someone for less than a day and they already described half the people in the room, keep distance. They talked about Noni’s weave, Claire’s dress, Bonnie’s wife and you’ve not even known them for 24 hours. They also tend to gossip about everyone, what you need to know is that, when you turn your back, you will be no exception. Hang around people who know how to keep their noses to themselves, saves your life a lot of drama. If you were just seated somewhere and they commented about someone random; red flag.

giphy (1).gif







Flaky People

It’s my friend who told me about these people and I think I am just one of them. People who do not honour dates or appointments. Apparently they cancel dates last minute. I have done this a hundred times after I sat down and realized the person I was about to meet had traits listed above. HAHAHA! It is bad manners though; people who cancel on appointment short notice are not trust worthy. They are not the type you’d call when in an emergency. So I guess, I am a red flag.

None of these are scientifically proven, just derived from frequent personal experiences.

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  1. I second ALL the above.

    Ps I liked this line alot:- “What you need to know is that nice people don’t even approach people, you’ll just meet them at random places and they’ll effortlessly show some act of kindness. Too friendly is not too safe.”


  2. So true. More so those who always talk about people. I’ve been around them for so long I was starting to wonder why I never see or notice the stuff they see and notice from other people


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