Those who know me know how much I love music; I do not have a favourite genre. I will put a yodel on repeat, read a book to some gangster rap, cook while the classical is on, dance to traditional giriama and just reminisce on some jazz and afro fusion.

If someone ever says to you, Kenyans are wannabes and do not have good music, refer them to this blog under the music category, please! I cannot say I listen to every Tom and Jerry who just walk into a studio and release something. My taste is really classy but good and weird to some people. Point is, my taste is good and if it is on my playlist it is worth listening to.

We have signature rap just like we got signature everything. While we are busy wishing we could have some sort of pidgin, we forget that there is no country in the entire world that renditions Kiswahili words to sound English. Then still throw in Kikuyu or Luo in an English statement that ends up still making sense to someone else. ‘When we fikad for the ruracio, the mamas were actually cooking, cleaning and gikmakamago.’ Let’s give ourselves a little credit.

Now I don’t know where all that came from yet I just wanted to talk about a hit I really like. Kaligraph and Cashy’s Mi casa Su casa is my jam right now. My friends have discredited this magnificence for the mere fact that they sound more Western than Kenyan. So I wonder what we Kenyans sound like.

The two flow and by ‘flow’ I mean the original meaning when rap was first introduced to the world. No, they do not have an accent, they just sound different. Their lyrics has nothing to do with dissing other artists, it is beautifully woven in words all to simply say my home is your home

This deal is the breaker; anyone around the world can actually listen to it. First because it is English and because it is so full of positivity. We thee Kenyans have another flow selling our country well. I am not saying other Kenyan artists are not worth the listen, I just mean this one has the X factor.

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