The Perfect Sweatpants Look

When my parents moved to Kisumu, my sisters and I got so bored we never even cared about dressing up again. I remember my mom once asking how I can gather guts to wear sweat pants and rubbers to town. Well, she’ll be shocked to know it is quite a fancied trend now.

I cannot thank the gods of fashion enough. The Comfort of sweat pants not to mention the warmth and the fact that I can comfortably head out for coffee direct from an afternoon nap and not change.

Lets get down to pairing it up. Do remember to pick a good fit, I do not mean tight but an oversized one won’t look good at all. The idea is to look good for the streets not the bed or the morning of a drunken night with bae. NO! My favourite colours are grey, black or brown. Those who are a bit more daring can go ahead and pick other colours but those who dress in white must be comfortable with doing laundry.

Rita Ora rocking sweatpants and heels and the singlet I told you about. Whoop!

Sweat pants generally look a bit baggy so we do not want to go baggy on the top too. Pick something tiny, a singlet tube top or crop top will be perfect. Since you picked a solid colour on the bottom, play around with the top. I know many of us pair it up with a waterfall for the cold, well, you can get away with it since it is a trend but it does not look good. Pick a tight fitting jumper; it just has to be warm fabric.

You can actually rock sweats with heels. It gives your bump a nice lift, which gives you an hourglass impression from chest to knees. If you are the one who is not really looking to stop traffic, a pair of good converse or just any rubber sole shoes will look lovely.

Don’t bother accessorizing, and an up do for your hair will do this look justice. Looking good has never been so effortless. Rock it.

Please note; do not pair a sweat pant with it’s hoodie or sweat shirt, now that’s just a pajama.

The messier the hair, the better the look



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