What is all this wahalla I am hearing about strepsils? Is this the extent people go to just to please their partners? Yet again another reason to be grateful for being single. Though it is not exactly fun being single through out. I admit that some nights get too cold and sometimes when you are feeling a little under the weather you wish you had someone to fix the porridge for you. After all is said and I am still single let’s get to serious business now.

A colleague at work the other day told me that if you happen to be a brides maid four times before your own wedding; you and Mr. Single will be best of buddies. That does not bother me because to begin with I rarely get invited to be on wedding line-ups. Probably because all my friends understand my love for nudity, I might just show up in lesso, kishingo shingo. Secondly because, I have never pictured myself walking down the aisle let alone having kids. My sisters know how much I do not know how to connect with kids. I don’t just understand why they would say ‘ying’ instead of ‘bring.’ I love my nephew to death though; he is turning 1 this month. Time waits on no one.

Is there something like the fear of being ruled? There should be someone out there just like me who just cannot stand rules. The major driving force behind my venture of being my own boss. I believe in being the employer, not the employee and hell knows how hard I work my butt off just to get there someday.It is one of the reasons that pushed me to move out of my parents’ and resist the need to get hosted by relatives. I want a space where I can be me and make my own rules. A few years back I felt the same but I suffocated that feeling because everyone said it is just a teenage phase where we want to be left alone.


I am way passed teenage but I still have a passion for hating rules. I do not mind the laws of the land because I rarely break them I just do not like having to owe people an explanation.I hate it when the boss asks, why are you late. I could just as well as tell him the truth. I was working on a few personal projects at night so I extended my sleep in the morning. Traffic works best though and everyone believes that to date.I hate coming back home to the question, where are you from? Let’s see, I left work, caught up with an old friend over coffee which extended to a few drinks at the club. Then again, traffic jam will still work even in this case.

Worst of all the questions, who are you with? My ex boyfriend, we are still good friends and a few drinks won’t hurt, he is now happily married and I am not completely over him to say the truth. No! I’ll just say I am with a few girlfriends.Ninja if you know me as well as you think you do, you should know I do not have girlfriends. Yes I do but we are not close enough to do girl talk and date nights. I hate girl talk too, it just makes me uncomfortable, I don’t know why. Just do not ask. So what I am trying to ask is, do I have a disorder or are there people who just feel me right now. I cannot stand having routine conversations of “Good morning bae’ and send me nudes nights.


I just feel, I have so much to chase and love or kids is just not on that list. Refer a friend you know who you think might be just a cold soul like me to this post. I need to know if we are all humans or there are aliens we have not discovered.

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