Love brewed in an internet pot is something I laughed about when I first heard of it. We all thought it is ridiculous to date someone over the air. How does romance even begin to brew with no ingredients? No longer is this a third world wonder, it is now a top trend.

Dating sites have never been so welcome to Africa let alone Kenya until quite recently. Come to think of it, it is no different from a long distance relationship; in this case, you just have not met physically. I am on three dating site at the moment and boy do we have traffic, I have met boys as young as 20 and men as old as 50.  This means there is someone for everyone and to think, the beautiful ones are not yet even born

Online dating is interesting but it is not exactly an all good regime. Just like everything on the internet, there are scams on these social sites too; so be a discerning user. You will need a little psychology 101 to know who is there to just pass time and who has the same interests as you. Face book messenger is well known to all ladies, the Asian men who just want to send nudes for no apparent reason. I’m yet to establish why that is and why Asians.

Interracial Marriage

I have seen beautiful friendships and I have attended heartwarming weddings courtesy of dating sites so maybe your better half does not even live in your country; explore. Online dating has made the globe so tiny and now intermarriages are too common. The exchange of culture and experience of different origin screams beautiful adventure to me. So are you single, divorced or separated, get on to the internet and interact.

These dating sites are not solely for the purpose of love and soul mates; you could end up with a business partner in the event you connect more over money matters than matters of the heart. I know of a friend who got invited to a job interview by someone she met online. She says they never even discussed love related issues; they just had similar interests in terms of work. How cool is that?

I’d say give it a try and if it does not work out, no pressure. Go back to meeting people at cocktail events and live, laugh and learn. If you are gay, online dating will be perfect for you, with the stigma the LGBT community is still facing on this side of the planet, it is almost difficult to meet your kind of person at social events. On dating sites though, you can easily interact with other people like you and if your profile clearly states your sexuality, the database automatically suggests to you people of interest. Have you noticed the number of mixed race kids these days? Voila! I think you are the only one missing out.

Be nice to people online, use your profile picture and if you are married, watch what you do online, that commitment should be given all levels of respect. Have fun while you are at it and #KeepItNgoma

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