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A little while ago a decent lady was supposed to move out of her mother’s house into her husband’s house. Well now that makes no sense because every girl has got her hustle on. How old are you? If you are old enough to work for money, it is about time you stopped fighting over the remote with your younger siblings, ship out.

Moving into your own place instills some sense of responsibility and it strengthens your independence game. In my case moving out meant, owing no one an explanation for anything. I’m not saying it is a must, but it is a good experience, apart from enjoying ultimate freedom, you get financial management lessons the hard way. The starter pack for moving in alone is simple, just two things, Ego and Resilience. Times get tough but you’ll have to go through them all and you’ll need the ego because you cannot afford to be independent and desperate.

So are you planning the big move? I’ll give you a few starter tips because I’ve been there, I have done that.

Don’t surprise yourself and everyone around you. Set a date on when you want to move out and start saving towards it.  Do your research on houses and their prices; try to keep it at 25% of what your total income is, plus or minus 5%. Window shop for household items and keep checking them out every time and again, you can pick anything you find on offer and keep it nicely. I never did any of this and only I know what happened to my bank account.

Furnishing is not an cheap affair

If you saved enough you won’t feel the pinch; even so, you can’t buy everything at once. So pay for the house and buy only what you really require. I’ll give you a list to help, gass cooker, mattress and beddings, some utensils (sufuria, spoon, plate, cup), food (cooking oil, flour, rice, sugar), bulbs, personal effects (soap, tissue…) and a broom. You are good to go because all you need is something to eat and a place to sleep. In the new house check carefully for any outstanding arrears for water and electricity bills before moving in, it should be cleared so that you only pay for what you have used.

Now that you are settled you can start to budget for other things so furnish that house. Take a portion at a time depending on what part of the house is closest to your heart; kitchen is my best friend so I stocked it really good. You will need curtains, couch, tv, closet, bed, shelves, instant hot shower. The list never ends and who else knows what you want if not you, list it all down. Note what are on offer, every shilling counts, believe it or not I have an ‘offer antenna’ everything in my house was bought on offer. (hahaha)


A personal trick I invented for furnishing my house was something I called ‘My project this month Assign every month a project so that, January-Kitchenware, February-TV, March- Couch. I also had weekly targets for smaller stuff, this week I’ll buy a kitchen and a bathroom rag, next week I’ll buy a mirror and learn to be patient. Buy quality products even if they are expensive so that you only buy it once your entire life. In this phase, discipline is mandatory, money set for a project shall not be used for anything apart from treating a life threatening disease; avoid the police, you can’t afford bail.

Pay your rent and bills on time, remember to save money even for no reason at all. While you are at it, be happy, laugh and drink wine because you are now ready for life. Living alone challenges you to never accept being moneyless because bills don’t know your status. All the best.


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