Have you once heard of beauty scars, maybe not, but I’m sure you have seen them. In Traditional African cultures men and women had their skin pricked or cut in certain patterns that would later heal forming beautiful beauty marks. It was some way of accessorizing and it was pamernent.  Why and what pattern they used is not exactly in my knowledge yet but I will continue to read about it.

I personally feel those permanent beauty scars are so beautiful and I would not mind having one. Who will get me one in this day and age?  Other than that you have seen the Coastal and Hindu Piko Designs during special occasions. Women use henna to draw beautiful patterns on their bodies and they definitely look gorgeous.

So accessorizing can even be literally on your skin. So why don’t you try a permanent accessory. Since we are not blessed with the old skillful women that mastered the art of scaring, we are grateful for what we call tattoos. In the modern day we have young artist who are perfect tattoo artists. Think of it as a permanent accessory, you only worry about what to wear.

Now I personally have a love for tattoos and apart from looking cool, I love that you can brand your belief or love for something physically. So some of the accessory tattoos include, chest, neck, wrist, finger and ankle tattoos. These are body parts where normally you’d wear an accessory of some sort; a bangle, necklace, anklet or ring. Tattoos on these areas can act as permanent accessories. Make sure you find a good tattoo artist who won’t draw you a cockroach instead of a butterfly. (Hahaha)

Tattoos can be writings or drawings depending on what exactly you might fancy. If your skin tone is a little deprived of melanin, you are lucky, you can use different colours. It is not painless I must say, so close your eyes and give it a try. If you are that child who screamed at injections, you can get a henna tattoo.  All the same, accessorizing is an art and don’t be afraid to engrave your passion on your skin.


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