Let’s admit that we all at one point felt head wraps were a no no. It was related to religion, elderly women and recently bad hair days.  The only people I knew who wore head wraps as attire were West Africans, I remember it always reminded me of Orierogo Manduli. Blessed are those who have bad hair days one too many times, head wraps are now fashionable.

There is the simple Alice Band wrap; usually just a strip around the head to keep hair in place or take the attention away from the raggedy hairline. Alice band wraps can be used to match the accompanying attire or to break the colour scheme. A small detail usually gives it the ultimate touch, could be a knot or a bow tie or even a small bun.

A bun wrap is also quite lovely. This wrap covers your entire head including a part of your ear and forms a bun. The bun can be at the back, front or side depending on how you like it. It is perfect for round faces and if you are not, just try it out and see what it offers for your type of face. If you have less hair that might not exactly make a round beefed bun, use a bigger wrapper or an extra ball of cloth.


The turban is my favourite. I tied if for some while and people thought I was Rastafarian. No, I have never been one but turbans are perfect. You will never run out of options on how to tie a turban. You can leave it open at the center and let your hair fallout from there. You can completely tie up everything and end up looking like a West African queen, tie it and let your hair fall on the side like rasta fire mamas. Turbans work for everyone and it pulls your face up tight so you look brighter and happier.(Hahahaha) trust me, just perfect.

Then there is the type of wrap that I really do not have a name for. The type our mamas used to tie while headed for the market. It just goes round your head and can have twisted patterns crisscrossing over your head. It looks perfectly round and totally African. This particular wrap can be accessorized; you can throw a chain over it and let it fall over your forehead. That’s just one idea, try out anything else you might think of, it’s fashion, and there are really no rules to it.

The Orierogo style, if you do not know her, think of the Nigerian wraps that reach for the sky and look like they used kilometers of fabric to make one. I recently realized they are caps and not wraps. I had been puzzled how much a wrap can go against gravity so confidently. So try out something new every once in a while and who knows, you might just invent your own wrap.

Please note that head wraps are now fashionable and stylish and you can wear them even if you are not having a bad hair day. XOXO

Orierogo Manduli


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