You know anything looks good for as long as it is accessorized. You can rock your PJs and with the right accessories you’ll get away with it all. Now the world of beauty and make up has given us quite a variety to pick from; head ornaments, necklaces, earrings, bangles, anklets, waist ornaments to mention just a few.

Having talked so much about an African signature, what about an accessorizing in the same line of thought. What flaunts Africa better than beads? Beaded is the new diamond and pearls and believe or not, they might just cost you as much so they are not a cheaper alternative.

Beads are easy to accessorize considering how much colour you could have in just one piece.  You should have a beaded wrist wear. This is unisex, there are mild ones for men and of course the ladies do not mind going all out in colours and numbers; and the jinglier the better. Bangles are my favourite because they instantly send out signature signals and outside the country you are called a Maasai.

Neckpieces could get you all the attention now. There are some made big enough to cover the better part of your neck, shoulder, chest and back. They are easily used in place of a sash for those who do not like to show off skin or just those who like it more than less. If you have a long neck you should try a beaded chocker then thank me later. Men are not forgotten either, instead of the heave metallic chain, try replacing that with a waist length beaded necklace or just a round neck one with very tiny or very huge beads, both work well.

Waist wear and anklets can actually be recycled neckpieces and bangles. The wrist wear might just fit your ankle perfectly and so can your necklace, your waist. Still there are no rules on how to wear beads; you can also just buy one for your waist and your foot. So long as you feel good about it, then it looks good on you.

When it comes to earrings, you are spoilt for choice. It could go from a simple one bead stud to a full array of different colours and designs. Beads are definitely the best gift to accessory world. In the case that your skin reacts to some metals or other precious material, nothing reacts to beads, how cool is that?



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