We put so much thought into dressing and that is a good thing. So when your top, bottom and accessories are all complete, the last detail gives it the finest finishing; the shoes. I say be as uncomfortable as you could be but never let your feet hurt, they need to carry you wherever you have to go.

Your closet should have some types of shoes, for the weather or just for the sake comfort and mood swings. About moods, applies to women, mostly because there are days you just don’t feel like wearing red shoes. Now you know; and I have a few footwear you should buy already.


Sneakers are a must have for every single person on planet earth. They are the multipurpose type of shoes. Not only do they never grow out of fashion but they brace summer and winter, they can be paired with casual or official. They are neat, easy to maintain and durable too. Have at least three pairs of these, trust me, they are the best gift to human kind. Ladies you can get ones with chains and glitters just to feed you femininity.

Fashion wise, everyone needs a pair or two of boots. The men can now treat themselves to some Gideon Boots; they are on the top trends now and they make quite a statement. Take it from a girl; a man with a good pair of boots has 50% of his pick up lines working for him already. Ladies need not to worry much, the textile industry was created just for you, there are a variety of boots to choose from and whichever you choose, pair it well.  An ankle boot with a 5” heel might just get you all the attention you need.


A formal leather shoe will go a long way. You will definitely need it for every other interview or presentation. When it comes to formal leather, men get away with anything. However it might just get you that job if you pick a laced pointed toe; the focus on you becomes sharper with these on. Ladies can have a 4” heel or wedge; nude or black works best but you are free to experiment. Avoid 6” inch heels, apart from the discomfort, you might attract more than attention, plus when it is too high it is not exactly formal.

Every toe has a right to oxygen and for that reason, buy some sandals. Here go all out and as fancy as you want, you just want to breathe and so do your feet. Take a good fit and step out for a barbeque, you’ll thank me when Monday comes and you have to be in leather again.

Happy week, happy feet.


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