Heard of a musical genius? If you have not; look up Filah Tuju. Upper Hill Boys’ Choir is what you’d call his protégé as they recently took the country by storm covering Sauti Sol’s sensational Kuliko Jana.

There is no doubt the boys are super talented and the school has a history of musical success as the members of Sauti Soul are an alumni. This particular song never had a video and it was hushed that soon we’ll have a mega one out.

The official video for Kuliko Jana is now out. Sauti Sol featuring Filah’s RedFourth Chorus (Upper Hill School) brings to you a harmonic explosion. Better than anything you have heard this year, this song will give you some goose bumps and if you close your eyes you might just experience heaven right here on earth. As we all know how Sauti Sol can bring waters to a standstill, now imagine it in collaboration with the young talented boys to bring Acappella a whole new sound.

The video takes a rare art, in complete black white; it shifts through black spaces and dim lit white light. The subjects come into focus and fade into the dark leaving behind a lovely array of harmony and strong melodic leads. Words cannot begin to describe this perfect work of art.  Just see it yourself.



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