There is no better feeling than that of getting in touch with your roots. We rarely get hand downs from our grandparents these days but who said we cannot souvenir ourselves and in a stylish way for that matter. The most exciting thing about Fashion in Africa right now is that we now adopt African traditional attire and give it a touch or modernization for a perfect statement.

Speaking of statements, what bag are you carrying today? The best come back of traditional accessories are the woven divas. The Kiondo and Kikapu are back with a bang and they sure do turn heads. These can be used to perfectly complement any look, urban or traditional. So it will look perfect on ragged denim or a dera. Both ways, you are winning.

The kiondo is an ol’s skool bag that mama used for carrying potatoes from the farm. It was woven during their leisure time and made of strong fibres, sisal and leather.  The kiondos have lovely patters and most have dull colours because all fibers and dyes used are natural. This makes them easy to pair up with anything. Lupita got herself one, you should too.


The kikapu on the other hand was used as shopping bags but right now, it will carry all your personal effectives and still make you look like a million dollars. Kikapus have brighter colours and are woven using lighter fibers. These have taken up more stylish perspectives because some have detail of kanga fabric and beads. The kikapus in the modern day could have any colour under the sun and the best part about this that you can have one custom made for you.

These two accessories from back in the day do not only have the fashionista advantage, you also enjoy the benefit of durability. Material used to make them can ensure that you use the bags and pass them on to your little ones later on. Get yourself one of these woven accessories and experience a fashionable journey of the ancestors. Someone should think of weaving manly ones too so our brothers can get on board.


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