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Everyone in their lifetime should try out the Lupita Cut and if not enjoy some sense of natural hair. Natural hair has for a long time been regarded untidy or worse still ugly. We all should be grateful for the 21st century because we now have a natural hair revolution. I was branded a rebel just because I grew an afro in high school but I guess I am still one.

So how do you wear your hair and how do you feel about it? Weaves and relaxers have no problem at all but over time, exposing your hair to extreme heat and chemicals might thin it out. So take a brave step and find a natural style that suits you.

Bald is the easiest of them all. This is where the Lupita cut comes in. Do not be afraid to go short because apart from it being low maintenance, you oomph up your confidence. Since you cannot play around with short hair apart from trying out different cuts, you’ll have to sharpen your accessorizing skills. Try out new earrings or a new piercing (hahaha.)


Now to mother of untidiness, the Afro. It could be a bit more difficult to maintain because we all know the texture of African hair. Don’t act like your grandma had blow-dry, make Bantu knots or braid it for protective maintenance. The afro completes any look and is now regarded the most sophisticated hairstyle in Africa.

Dreadlocks are my favourite and when I first had mine, I heard rumours that I was doing drugs (LoL). I am happy that now it is just a hairstyle like any other not necessarily linked to a particular trait. Dreadlocks are beautiful, more like braids growing off your scalp. Maintenance is also simple and you have a win win because you can always style it the way you want. However some people prefer to stay clean of any commitment, with dreadlocks it is difficult to change looks and some people just want to look different every week.

Then you can hold up your hair in a simple ponytail if it is a bit too long for an afro. For the bushy African hair, snowball makes more sense than ponytail though.

These are just but a few of the natural tips you could go for. Explore, now that we even have natural hair bloggers. There is also a natural hair movement, who’d have ever thought?  Know your hair, know what suits you and step outside, you’ll see the sun from a different angle.


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