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Kenyan Afro Pop Queen Dela Maranga is on a leash yet again. This time releasing a steamy one featuring our favourite H_ART the BAND. Adabu is a sensational one that gives you a beautiful acoustic intro almost the impression of flamenco. The song maintains the Afro Pop signature that we easily associate with both Dela and H_ART the BAND.

Adabu to mean respect, Dela in this song is asking for some good loving and that is exactly what she’ll be getting from her fans. The give and take conversation in this hit is a lyrical work of art garnished with some of the best vocals in East Africa. We all know the all boy band for their match in the word play game. H_Art maintains a signature look even in this sensual set up.

Speaking of looks, the video will get you shifting uneasy on your seat. The Mafeelings songster explores all her sensual femininity and brings her A game and looks to your screen. H_Art flaunts some Ol’skool rides giving their appearance a fine finish. Video is shot in low light but has all the colour you need to keep your world bright.

This is H_Art the Band’s first official collaboration. Well, how did they do? A must watch and if it changes anything, Amos & Josh and Kagwe Mungai make an appearance in the video. Feel free to feel good.


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