My teacher once said that the prettiest girls look like their dads and the handsome boys must have a resemblance to their mums. Well, looking like your dad is normal, he is your dad, I mean. However some kids have become more famous than they will ever be just by virtue of paternal resemblance.

Blue Ivy was on the top trends with her photos from the VMA awards going viral. Why was she trending again? Because of her undeniable resemblance to JayZ. Staring at her photo, you actually get a clear picture of what Jay Z looked like a couple of decades ago. We call it carbon copy but in this case, a photocopy will do. Props go out to Beyonce too; she is sure who her baby daddy is.

There is a list of African celebrities who also have their looks unapologetically imprinted on their kids’ faces.

First on this list is Gospel artist Size 8 Reborn and DJ Mo’s Ladasha. The girl did not even wait to be months old before she gave into the look alike gamble. Ladasha has got DJ Mo printed all over her face and to begin with, the eyes give her away. Congratulations size 8


Princess Tiffah could not evade this famous list. You cannot begin to question Zari’s baby daddy. Tiffah though in a lighter skin tone has got Bongo King Diamond all up in her game. Eyes, ears, lips, what more would you ask for?  We are waiting on Zari’s second bundle; let’s see if Diamond will steal the second child’s looks too.


Kiss TV’s Grace Msalame brought to the world two Paul Ndichu (s). The twins are beautiful and placed next to their dad, no more questions asked. They’d have still been really beautiful even resembling their mum because she is one of a kind type of pretty.


Paul Ndichu’s Twin Brother Eddie Ndichu is married to the gorgeous News Anchor Janet Mbugua. She on the hand has not let out any photos of her little one but who knows; maybe the twins have quite some genes.

The list is endless; famous rap artist King Kaka has got a stamp on both his babies from different mamas. So it is true, the prettiest girls look like their dads. On that note, I look like my dad too. LOL!


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