Who ever thought people would give so much thought to nails. We have come from cutting and filing nails to manicures and pedicures and if you don’t have very nice nails, buy yourself some. Nails make a statement and believe or not, some employers take note of how well your nails are kept.


Chipped nail polish sends an ‘I don’t care’ signal. This however was recently declared fashion; teenagers said it gives the edge on the raggedy look that completes the torn denim and timber boots.  Over time we have learned that fashion can be anything spanning from nudity to all covered up.

Now that you know your nails could be used as the cover to your book, I got you.

First things first, those nails would better be clean. Observe the length; make sure your nails are not too short or too long. Too short makes nail polish look like patches on your fingers and that’s just hilarious. When they are too long, you’ll get weird looks from people and to add to the attention, you can’t pick up stuff with your fingers. Thank me later.


Every girl has a favourite colour and probably that’s what you want on your nails too.  Well, deny yourself the satisfaction of your comfort and step out for some cute trends. Nude nail polish is the new lass in town and she stops traffic.

To make it even more comfortable, there are nude shades to complement different skin tones; from pinky-pale to dark chocolate.  Nude is understated yet gorgeous and keeping things neutral gives an instant splash of sophistication. Do you know, nude will be perfect for you big day, the gown and veil will be nothing compared to the finger that will carry the rock.

Sometimes you’d want to get away from the nudity and dress up your nails. Go for dull and plain colours because this is easy to pair up with anything else. By dull and/or plain you have grey, creme, maroon, black, all at your disposal. Flaunt those fingers because what are hands for?



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