Watched Legend of Tarzan? See how wild Tarzan grows in the jungle? That’s how wild my soul is. I do not like small spaces; I prefer the sunlight to electricity. Looking back at how much of a black sheep I am in my family and how long it takes me to fit into any group if I ever fit eventually, it’s about time I admit I am different.

I’ve always been very outspoken, especially about issues that invade people’s personal spaces and promote oppression. Probably why I have never been the manager’s best friend. I learned that people do not like naked truth and people in power hate this the most. Most successful business organizations make their biggest profits simply by suffocating someone who does not have a voice enough.

I hated that we were not supposed to speak just because we did not have financial power or we were not in position of power. Woe unto us who speak our minds and drop the mic. I prefer to impact people’s lives directly to subscribing to societal views of helping. I would rather use my tithe or offering to buy street children food. Ouch! Sorry.

In the beginning ___3

The best thing about being young is that you have time to learn who you are. Finding your identity is a lovely and adventurous journey. Having struggled for a while with contradictory opinions, I recently learned that there is a name for us. We are called humanists. I care for humanity more than I care for religion and what it has to say about humanity.

It makes no sense to advocate for the oppression or death of other human beings just because a deed does not fall under your list of right. We are all born to different cultures and it is high time we all learned to coexist. Intolerance is what kills unity and probably the reason for why people have grown so cold towards humanity.

There is no lesser value to a different opinion or personality. It is better to avoid those you feel insecure around rather than advocate for elimination or to try and shove your values down their throats. In the case of oppression over a long time, the oppressed tend to rebel and sometimes the counter revolution is usually out of vengeance causing tension.

If every human has rights then let us learn to let grownups make decisions on their own and give room for the “different”. By different, I mean people who are not like you; they do not subscribe to your belief system. Make the world a better place, how do you do that? Making it comfortable for everyone to live around you.


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