It gets really cold around here and the past 7 months were all rainy and windy. We are glad to have seen the sun the past three days with no interruption but we are sure the rains will be back. You know what hurts my feelings? The way so many fashion disasters walk around just because it is cold. You shouldn’t be out of fashion just because the weather does not allow you to freeze and shine. I’ll sort you out for free.


Go get a nice woolen scarf.  My particular favorite is the ones with big woven patterns. You should try an infinity scarf; it looks so stylish and is easy to wear around your neck. Why woolen? Because it is warm and does not easily get wet, its bulkiness also does not allow any drops to get to your skin.

You must surely have a trench coat by now. It has been on top trends for a while now and you should not be missing out. I am not a trench person either, so I go for heavy woven waterfall sweaters. All these act as the top most covers so pick a good color and make sure it fits right to bring out your curvature. Big and bold is easy to pair with anything mild now.

There are really cute sweater tights with nice patterns on them. This will work mostly for the ladies with not so much flesh on their bones. Well, if you are heavy, go for the double fabric tights. It’s stocking like on the outside and blanket like on the inside. It is heavy enough so it works a good as a trouser. These are warm, stylish and comfortable. Soft jeans is also not a bad idea but only if the temperatures do not go below 11. Solid colors are better because they are easy to pair with and they retain body heat.

Invest in pull neck and turtle neck tops. Insist on cotton and sweater tops. Here you can get colorful because it is the only thing that breaks the dullness of other pairings. Avoid silk, linen and satin because they’ll only keep you cold. Believe it or not, chiffon is also very warm but instead of the normal summer bra inside look, wear a spaghetti top inside, just to curb the cold. Go for black, always right.

Shoes are probably the worst of decisions most people make. I know you want to make a statement but please ditch the knee high boots. Insist on ankle high books, Gideon boots and snickers. A pair of happy socks will complete this look perfectly. Avoid bulky shoes, in case the weather changes, you won’t look too good. Keep away from heels especially pointed, with mud and water puddles and slippery floors; it’s just too much hustle.

A small Marvin cap or beret should also be in your budget. Maybe it is a myth but my mother made me believe if your ears are warm, your whole body keeps warm. I have heavy dreadlocks so I just let them down in case it gets too cold. Buy a pair of sweater gloves, black or grey. You are set.


Carry a pocket umbrella if you are not a lazy like me. In whichever way you choose to brace the cold, have in mind that you still want to look good if the sun comes out. Accessorize as usual, put your chain over your top, change earrings according to mood. Have fun, keep warm, spread love and trust me, do not pick a fight with your significant other; you need them now more than summer. (LOL)


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