Growing up you probably swore to never tie a lesso like the elderly women did going around their business. Probably the right name for it is Kanga but I grew up only knowing Lesso. Well, you might just want to change your mind about that. Fashion is just a repetition of the past but by a present generation. Once you are done reading this, you’ll probably pay your mum a visit this weekend and go shopping in her closet.

Take that old tired lesso and fold it nicely, wrap it around your head. That’s a head scarf mama, get creative. Do a turban wrap, a barn, a twist, bandanna…whatever you choose to do with it is only limited by your creativity. You might also want to consider the shape of your face.


Then those new lessos your aunt brought the last time she visited; get them out of that raggedy old suit case. Those that are a bit bigger can be folded and stitched into Deras. Dera is a Swahili design that is free and long. It is the new nude because who really cares what you have on the inside. You can have a collection of all sorts of prints. Play around with accessories, especially beaded, to give you that African edge.


Sometimes you just do not want to stitch or wrap, so make a little knot over one shoulder or at the back of your neck. Get creative and accessorize playfully. Sometimes you just need the lesso for a statement, so throw it over one shoulder or wrap it around your neck like an infinity scarf. Slay two birds and stop traffic with a mama’s lesso.


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