If you know me well, you know how much I love music. If you got close enough, it is inevitable to notice the appreciation I have for ageless music. The Goosebumps I get listening to Whitney Houston and Luther Vandrose, sometimes I just wonder who will follow suit.

Well all hope is not lost. Meet Emmanuel Gonzaga; a simple nice, soft spoken guy who has got all celebrity news at his fingertips. He is an Actuarial Science student at Maseno University…I know Right? After reading this, I guess you’ll understand why our education system is not favorable for talent.

The ever jolly Emmanuel Gonzaga

He met me before I met him; he says he remembers me singing in High School, I probably just remember his name as familiar. Paying close attention, I notice I spend time with a legend of some sorts. He breathes music, he eats it and he can’t help knowing who has what out. History of classical(s) and their composers and singers come to him so effortlessly. His ooh so soulful love for Jazz and R&B is beyond my comprehension. It’s fun being around this guy with an almost shy demeanor.

It is all celebrity fun and games until he opens his mouth to sing. He flows on those notes like some supernatural spirit. He gives it oomph at some point and draws away softly almost into a whisper. Listening to him, I travel back in time and all past comes to wake.

Gonzaga finds words so easy, he officiates their weddings with a gift I find rare in these times. The only other person I can equate his creativity for creating lyrics to, is  Emeli Sande. He has a signature, it is not John Legend neither is it Peabo Bryson; it is just Emmanuel Gonzaga.

There is some mild soft hoarseness to his voice. I hear comments like ‘that chic sounds good’. No! It’s a dude who hits notes assumed to be comfortable being done by women. He deepens his voice and he sounds like a million dollars worth of a voice box. I have a few of his works of art…

Feather by Emmanuel Gonzaga

Listen to


I first listened to Feather, his first recording I think. It was my ringtone at some point and it played on repeat until I fell asleep at night. You might think I’m exaggerating, have a listen for yourself.

You agree? Who comes up with such lyrics? Who breathes life into an instrumental like that?

That’s not even enough; take a listen at his…

My Brother’s Car by Emmanuel Gonzaga

Listen to


Didn’t it remind you of someone? Did it not warm your ice cold house with the rains outside? Didn’t you think of just one single brother?

I am not the type to fan out but I can’t help the excitement of knowing a legend. I know he does not believe it but he is the kind to get a lifetime tribute in his 80s. I feel if my children inherit my love for good music, my grandchildren will do renditions of ‘Feather ‘decades from now.

I pray he gets a breakthrough because, he definitely is worth it. The best cold evenings are made of coffee, blanket, novel and some Gonzaga

Just a Minute by Emmanuel Gonzga 

Listen to one last random one he sent me the other day covering Naughty Boy’s La La La

Emmanuel Gonzaga Lalala Cover

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