You probably remember her from the numerous feature stories aired on different media stations in Kenya. If you missed that, I’m sure you can remember the little girl singing in Jimmy Gait’s Furi Furi Dance. Well, she is back and this time without cancer. Rose Nasimiyu appeared on a local media house interview on Thursday evening looking more gorgeous than ever. She is the perfect example of a cancer survivor.

She and her family take a sad walk down memory lane and the painful journey stained with not so good looking pictures of Rose, is not an easy story to tell. Well, Kenyans should be proud, for as little as 100/- you sent to that pay bill number, be rest assured it saved a life.

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Nasimiyu talks of her new journey, she is bubbly and beautiful. She now lives in the UK and just had to come back and thank Kenyans for the massive support. It has been five years since we last saw her and three of those years were spent on massive machines, drugs and an environment full of doctors and other sick people. She emerges, cancer free at the end of all that and goes to school like normal kids. Her hair grows back, her skin tone regains glow and colour and at the age of 14, Rose looks like a million dollars.

Her message to the government and the president more specifically, is that the cancer centers should be improved in the country. Better facilities will help and it should be revamped to enable handle cancer patients within the country. Consider a cancer sufferer who is not lucky enough to get publicity or afford a trip outside the country for medication; what then happens to such?

Cancer now is a threat, because after Rose’s story, we got to know about Jadudi, most recently Janet Ikua. There are some we do not know and there are some that cannot get lucky enough to have a famous blogger tell their story.


Well, to take personal precautions also, do take medical checkups every while. Cancer detected in its early stages is quite manageable. A few private organizations have taken up the mantle to fight cancer but sometimes it is just not enough.

Let’s talk about this and push African governments to invest in Cancer Centers because as Rose puts it, we do have the personnel. Doctors, and good doctors for that matter, are in plenty but it is the lack of facilities that has got us sending most patients to the UK or India.

Support cancer patients with all you can, let’s fight this together. I’m sure we’ll be fine. Next time, you want to give up, remember Rose Nasimiyu. She can now experience teenage because you supported her and she never gave up in Believing. Remember her song ‘I believe, I’ll live, to see another day?’ well she now lives to see many more days. This is a triumph story in itself.

Yeah and eat healthy, exercise a lot and stop stressing. Cancer cells find it difficult to reproduce in a healthy body. Now you know.

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  1. Having been a caregiver once, cancer is as serious as it can be. Early detection can save your life and even more the emotional trauma being a patient causes those who care for you.


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