Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson
Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson

Call me Ol’ school but I still feel like a song is only as sensible as it’s lyrics. I could give a list of musicians from back in the day who’s songs my parents once sang along to and I do too. What happened to music that held a strong message, music that was soothing to the ear and the soul? Music that preached how to make up and not break up.  The likes of Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson whose music still lives on even after they are long gone.Well all hope is not dead yet, there are still a few that bring the ray of light into the tunnel. My personal Favourites are:

  1. Like I’m gonna lose you by Meghan Trainor and John Legend
John Legend and Meghan Trainor Performing at the Billboard Music Award 2015
John Legend and Meghan Trainor Performing at the Billboard Music Award 2015

I love words and this particular one is a masterpiece of woven words to bring to life the hope of love. The possibility that those we love today might not exist tomorrow and so we only have today to prove our love. I know in the 21st century, love,marriage and family has all lost meaning and it just uplifting to know that someone still has hope in mending the pot rather than throwing it away. I love that the video does not discriminate any kind of love; mother-daughter, husband-wife, grandma-grandchild, girlfriend-girlfriend, brother-sister. You love them, show them, don’t procrastinate. Reminds of Ronan Keating’s If Tomorrow never comes This is a must listen especially when your relationship is passing through that rocky phase.

2. Nairobi by Atemi Oyungu

Atemi: Nairobi Official Video
Atemi: Nairobi Official Video

I’m a Kenyan and I hurt every time I hear a born and bred Kenya saying they want to move to another part of the world because Kenya is not as good. So much negativity about our country will not help us feel any better about ourselves. Kenyans would rather sing along to foreign songs praising the musician’s home town. I’m a proud Kenyan and I love this country to bits. I feel honored that their is a musician like Atemi who even with all the fame and fortune, she never forgets that City that made her who she is. A beautiful song, and one of it’s kind, giving Kenya’s capital the credit it deserves and as if that is not enough, she threw in vernacular from Western Kenya. I personally love luhya and it could have something to do with chiken stew and ugali. Don’t take a pass on this one especially if you are Kenyan.

3. Na Gode by Yemi Alade ft Selebobo

Na Gode: Yemi Alade ft Selebobo
Na Gode: Yemi Alade ft Selebobo

Nigerians  never abandon their culture and their accent which we Kenyans fancy so much. Yemi Alade has that signature Nigerian sound in this beautiful song which is all about gratitude. She is an international sensation but she does not forget to get back to her humility and release a song that is just supposed to remind you to be grateful. Whoever it is you pray to, whatever gives you the strength to achieve, always remember to just come back and say Thank You. It is not the normal hype we attach with Nigeria, it is lovely to the ears and soft brush to the heart.

Music is my Life, The Lyrics are my Story
Music is my Life, The Lyrics are my Story

You are probably a budding musician like me, I don’t want to take to the stage of fame if your grand children won’t sing along to my songs. If you won’t find my music relevant when you need something to express what you feel in your heart and can’t find the words to.  Can we try and regain some lyrical sense? Is it possible to bring back life to music? As a I sit to write my next song, I hope it echos over the decades once it’s out.


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