Lips for Days

PhotoGrid_1440836924717Every girl has that one thing on their face that makes them feel like they can totally get it. Though not the typical girl, I have always loved my lips. I grew to become a lip balm addict in high school and I still use the same lip balm to date. I recently embraced the idea of lipstick after a long time of thinking no colour can suit my complexion and anyway it will take too much of my dressing up time.
If you feel you do not have a lipstick colour for your skin, well you do. All you need to be sure of is the shade of your colour. I realized ‘RED’ is mine and I’ll give you a few tips on how to get your lips looking like a million dollars with the simplest of products on your dressing mirror.

2015-08-29_11.02.16 Step 1: Lip Balm/ Gloss/ Jelly
First things first, you need to protect your lips from the harsh conditions that it might get exposed to. So outline your lips with your 2015-08-29_10.59.51daily gloss, balm or jelly. This acts as a base coat for your lip stick too. It’s a two in one basically, a protective cover and and undercover…(hahaha) I made that up.

Step 2: Lip Stick2015-08-29_11.04.17

Now nicely outline your lips with lipstick. Cover every bit of the lip from side to side and all  round the lip line. Try also2015-08-29_11.19.55 to spread a decent amount of lipstick within your inner lip so that your lips look like their natural colour is the colour of the lipstick. Lip gloss beneath it, I bet it looks all shinny.

Step32015-08-29_11.09.14: Powder Out
You don’t want your lipstick looking like gloss. Take a sheet if tissue paper, split it and place 2015-08-29_11.05.46one sheet on your lips. Make sure your lips are spread out well in an almost 2015-08-29_11.20.50smiling shape. Dub powder all over the tissue until the lips are clearly outlined on the tissue then peel off the tissue from your lips. Your lips now look less glossy but they feel moist. Good

Step 4: Lipsti2015-08-29_11.19.55ck (Part Two)
Reapply your lipstick again just as you did the first time covering every bit of your lips. You 2015-08-29_11.11.20 realize now the lipstick does not glide as easily as before; yes it is called texture. Massage your lips together after every one or two spreads. You now have textured coloured lips.The texture gives the lips a natural look while the base coat (gloss, balm, jelly) keeps them moist. You can repeat Step 3 and Step 4 even up to three times if you need more texture and less shine.


This process ensures your lipstick stays intact for a minimum of 8 hours. It also ensures you don’t suffer embarrassments of lip stick smearing on your teeth. Walk around with your daily lip care; in case you feel your lips are dry, just apply very little balm, gloss or jelly on top of the lipstick and it is as good as new. If you are the careful type of eater your lipstick survives all meals in a day without a retouch.
Take care of your lips, use your daily care or buy a night care for the night. Don’t let your lips dry at any one point. Drink lots of water too, it good for your whole body.

If you are the type to bite on your teeth, stop it, and while you are learning to stop, apply jelly on your teeth to avoid lipstick smearing on them.
Some people like me use their mouths for a lot of things like biting nails, chewing on tooth picks and licking own lips. For that matter we tend to use lipsticks for special occasions and on this particular occasions we discipline ourselves to use our mouths just for food. A girl has got to try.
Get your lipstick working all day for you.

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