Here we just share, sometimes TMI. Is it a safe space? I don’t know but your spirit is bound to get lifted because we do laugh a lot. I don’t know who else grew up in the farm but had parents that immensely invested in a good education and lot’s of exposure to the colonialists ways. Sometimes it gets weird that I am just as ‘urbanite’ as I am a village girl.

Just so you know, I am multi-talented which I believe is a blessing in disguise for every other creative. Just for that reason, my interests are everywhere and I am not sure how to prioritize them yet. Writing has always been my first love and is therefore my easiest form of expression.

I thought I’d eventually figure out life but I guess that’s not happening. So we unlearn, learn, grow and hope to be better humans dishing out kindness.

Indulge and share. My fabulous name is Olave Orawo!

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