A Guide and Cost: Touring Across East Africa

Staying in touch with people in Kenya and making sure you do not run out of money in a foreign land is quite important.

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27 Walked In with Big Boob Energy

And no, I will not keep quiet when disrespected. I am going to burn in eternal fire? Well, I already made my peace with that. 

You Need The Money, Don’t Play Hard To Get

We want to publish our stories alongside good photos of you. Do both us that favour.  Please just pick a day, dress well and walk into a photo studio. I can recommend affordable good ones. 

Movies You Should Have Watched By Now! (Shame…)

I also just have to put it out there that I am not a fan and never watched Game of Thrones and even worse Black Panther. I also struggle with these super hero comic ones. Please forgive a village girl abeg. 

Celebrity? Please Introduce Yourself

The arts in Kenya, maybe Africa, is not an easy industry. Save for our education system and socialization constantly demeaning the arts, even those who have broken through and are in the better part of this space will tell you it is still a hustle. So I have quietly and carefully observed the #PlayKeMusic debate... Continue Reading →

A Good Day to Be 26

I literally got to a point I did not know how to respond to a complement or a positive comment because I had no idea what they were referring to and so I made a joke off everything and it has become the strongest coping mechanism I have ever adopted.


Why I refuse so much to take up my master's is strongly linked to how I feel that, academically, 4 years in campus was quite a waste. Socially…you really do need those 4 years. LoL!

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